New Thrift Store in Town!

As I was browsing our local bookoo (similar to craigslist) I saw some really neat furniture. One I desperately wanted, a bookcase, but we are moving soon. 😦 I’m not trying to acquire anymore furniture just yet! But boy was I tempted! As I was looking through each of them I noticed that they came from the same seller. That seller just happened to be the owner of a new thrift store in town, Siony’s Treasures and Food Corner. How exciting! I LOVE thrift stores.

At first I drove right by it, of course. It’s right on the corner of Price St and E 10th St. Apparently it used to be a restaurant, which you can tell with the bar counter and planted stool. I love seeing those, because they remind me of the old diners. I asked the young man how long they had been opened and he said just at the beginning of the year. Impressive, especially with the massive inventory they have.

At first glance the place doesn’t seem that big and I guess in reality it isn’t. Once you look around you realize size doesn’t matter. They have a nice layout and soooooo many things to look at. Everywhere! Pictures and mirrors hanging on the walls. Displays on every corner and on every surface. It’s a dream come true! I spent a good amount of time just looking at everything, because there is so much to see. I walked through twice and kept noticing things I didn’t see the first time around. Best of all… real thrift store prices! Sometimes I go to thrift stores and wonder where they get their outrageous prices from. Not this place! Great affordable bargains!

I picked up two 8x10ish frames for around $1.90/frame. I found a beautiful pitcher for $5.99 that also had decorative pieces, almost potpourri looking, inside of it. I’m going to buy another clear vase to place those pieces inside, because they are turquoise and will match our dining room decor perfectly! Lastly, I found a unique looking vase for $2.75. It’s important to know that they only accept cash! No big deal, just something to keep in mind. I had to come back and pay for the items. Tomorrow I’m stopping by to get a turquoise and burlap light fixture I found for $9.99. I’m still debating on the bookcase! I want it! I’ll have to talk to my husband about that one first though.

Usually I’m into altering the treasures that I find, but this time around I think the only piece I’m going to alter is the “Joy” picture frame. I picked it out for the price and I love mats in frames.

If you love thrift stores as much as I do you will have to stop by this one. The young man that was there today was very friendly and polite. You’ll be amazed at the amount of things they have. I can’t wait to go back in a couple weeks and look through all the new items they   add to their inventory! They have a Facebook page as well that you can check out.

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Towel bar is not a pull up bar

Life has been pretty busy lately and I can’t believe it’s been quite a few weeks since my last post. It seems like it was just last week. Funny how quickly time goes by.

My latest inspiration comes from the overactive 6 year old we have in our house. Does she ever keep us busy and on our toes! Last night after winding down from the weekend, Hailee went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. As my husband and I were sitting on the couch talking we heard a crash. Not a loud one. Not soft either lol. We tried figuring out what it was that fell, because it almost sounded like glass that hit the floor and didn’t break. That’s a good thing though! Hailee is notoriously known for climbing up on the sink in the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror. On occasion I will find wet footprints on top of the toilet cover or an imprint of lips on the mirror. It’s always something it seems lol. She always leaves behind evidence that gets her caught.

So after my husband and I couldn’t figure out what fell, we went back to the bathroom. I see Hailee with a toothbrush in her mouth and toothpaste running down the side of her mouth. She is desperately trying to fix the towel rack that fell. When asked what happened, she said and I quote, “I was trying to hang on it, because I wanted bigger muscles.” I wanted to die laughing! I kept a straight face though.

So this led me to make a sign for the bathroom. Not only as a reminder, but as a memory. I have seen so many cute printables for kid’s rooms lately, so I figured they had to be easy to make. Of course, they are. I don’t have any fancy computer programs or cricut machines, so I just use Word. Yes, Microsoft Word. You’d be surprised what you can do with such a basic program.

I Googled, “pull up clip art” and a variety of images came up. I wanted something plain and simple. Here was my favorite


I copied it and inserted it into my Word document. Then I came up with a reminder to put underneath the picture. My husband helped me out with this one and we came up with, “Unfortunately, this is not a pull up bar. All bicep strength training will have to be done elsewhere. Sorry for the inconveniences.” I used Word Art for the words. Then I just started playing around with different fonts and borders and colors. Ultimately, this is what I decided on.

Very simple. To jazz it up I found a piece of scrapbooking paper that matched our bathroom decor to print the sign on. Also, I used a fancy picture frame I got on sale for $3.90 at Hobby Lobby!


Can you believe that?!?! Originally $17.99! Flawless front display. Only issue, no picture hanger, but that is an easy fix! Here is the final picture.

I wish I would of done the print darker, but I wanted something a little lighter than black. That’s alright though, I still love it. I can’t wait until Hailee sees it hanging in the bathroom lol. I wonder what project she will inspire next!

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Canvas Painting

For the past week or so I have been obsessing over these canvas paintings with quotes and sayings on them, such as this one from Lady Blackbird.

It would be so easy to personalize it and make it your own. Everything I’m all about! I starting rooting through all my supplies and didn’t have a canvas, but I had canvas material. Great start! While looking through my numerous frames, I came across a 16×20 black, wood frame.

Of course, it didn’t have the glass! Go figure lol. I didn’t need it though, so it was perfect. At first I was going to staple the canvas to the frame, but the frame was rounded and I thought it would look weird. Then I decided, why not just wrap the canvas around cardboard then place it back in the frame. Bingo!

So I brought out the canvas and ironed it, since it was a little wrinkled up from storage. Then I hot glued the canvas onto the existing cardboard in the frame. I made sure to stretch it a little tight to eliminate any additional wrinkles that didn’t get ironed out. I’m sure it was ok though!

Since the canvas was a beige color I painted the middle section of it white, so when the stickers are peeled off the canvas the letters are left white and not that ugly beige. I only painted the middle section, because that’s where the letters were going to be. No sense in wasting all that paint.

I wanted this to be a project that Hailee did for our bedroom, so I thought of all the cute things Hailee says to my husband and me. My favorite was, “I love you with all my heart.” Just too cute. I ravaged my sticker stockpile in my scrapbooking area. After some digging I found enough letters to cover the words that I needed. I let Hailee put on the letters. She did it as straight as she could and I’m pretty impressed. We didn’t have any heart stickers, so I had to make one out of another sticker.

After Hailee finished I showed my husband and he said, “I heart you with all my heart.” That bothered me lol. I asked Hailee if we should take off the first heart and put letters for “love” instead. She wanted to put letters, because “Daddy just doesn’t know how to read.” Hahaha. Gotta love kids. We took off the heart and spelled out love.

Then we pressed down all the letters hard, so the paint wouldn’t bleed underneath the letters. I figured it would still bleed, especially on the heart, because that sticker’s adhesive ability was lacking. I knew it would be an easy fix though. I would just touch it up after everything dried.

Next I picked out paint colors we had on hand to match our bedroom. We even made a few new colors by mixing. Then I told Hailee to paint away. She may love painting as much as I do. I reminded her to be careful around the letters, just in case. She did a fantastic job (with a little help)!

A little brighter than I thought it was going to be, but still beautiful. As you can see the cardboard underneath warped a bit. No big deal, I knew the frame and a backing would fix that.

Hailee couldn’t wait to peel the letters. We waited about two hours and started peeling. Some of the letters did bleed a little bit, but I’m fixing that later today. I put it back in the frame, so the canvas would straighten back out. Here it is!

As much as I love the black frame I think I’m going to spray paint it white and put a black glaze over it. The black frame just seems to be a little much. The letters looked a little more crooked after putting the paint on, but that adds to the beauty of it. It was made by Hailee and after fixing up some of the letters we are going to hang it up in our bedroom. Great project for little ones!

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Vintage Frame

Some of the coolest windows are vintage windows. When I go to thrift stores, I see them occasionally and they always are outrageously priced. I’m not paying $20 for a six pane window. Sorry. When my family was visiting our family in Pennsylvania, my in laws took me to a flea market. I saw a six pane vintage window for $3! I passed it up the first time, because some of the windows were cracked and I just didn’t know what to do with it. Well, about 20 minutes later I couldn’t get it off my mind. We went back and I bought it.

As you can see one pane was cracked and it needed a desperate cleaning. For $3 I really couldn’t complain. All of them could of been broken and I still would of taken it!

I removed all the caulking and glue (it was a hot mess) holding the window panes in place then took each pane out. I scrubbed them clean! In the process I broke another one. 😦 That’s ok though! Thanks to my Goodwill finds I was able to replace the glass easily with cheaply bought frames for less than $1! The frames were 8×10 windows exactly! It was fate!

After cleaning the glass and looking at the color of the frame, maroon, I knew it had to be changed. I was soooo tempted to do black, because I love black frames. They are so modern. I decided to go with white. I just sprayed the frame with white spray paint, then decided to distress it a little. Not too much, because I wasn’t a big fan of the maroon. Then I hot glued each of the window panes back into the frame. It worked perfectly.

Now, did I just hang it? No. My whole plan for this was to use it to hold Hailee’s school pictures, so we could see her progression over the years. All I did was tape the pictures to the opposite side of the frame and they have held amazingly.

Little did I know that it was going to be filled up so quickly! They take pictures twice a year, so it fills up. Once she gets into second grade and on, I’m going to start taking one out from one of the previous years. That way there is only one picture per school year. Then I don’t have 5 different frames filling up our walls. It would definitely add beauty to it though. 🙂

I’m on the look out for more vintage frames. They are hard to come across without a hefty price tag it seems. We are traveling back to Pennsylvania this summer, so I’m hoping to find another one or two to have on hand for the upcoming years!

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Don’t throw away that frame!

Our family has moved quite a few times and I have moved MANY times over my life. Product of a military family and then marrying a man that later joined the military. At the beginning of our marriage it was easy to move ourselves, because we didn’t have many household goods. As the years go on, it gets harder with the accumulation of so much junk many thrifty finds, so we have people move our stuff for us. I’m so thankful for this service!

Occasionally people have dented, broken or lost furniture. Fortunately, we have never had anything major happen. While unpacking one day I came across a broken frame. It wasn’t just any broken frame. It was back before I became a thrifty shopper, so that frame was a nice chunk of change. I was about to throw it out, but decided it was too nice of a frame to let go. I stored it in the tornado shelter, with every other random thing we store.

Months went by and a frame “just happened to fall” off the wall in the hallway, according to Hailee. No big deal, just a frame with broken glass. I stored that in the shelter as well. As I was looking through all our frames I realized we had a bunch of accidents happen to many of our frames that were just stacked on a shelf.

DON’T THROW AWAY THOSE FRAMES! It’s just glass. As I was shopping at the Goodwill  two months ago I came across the frame section. I found a perfect blue frame for our dining room for $2.49. Then I was looking at the other frames thinking, “OMG some of these are so outdated and hideous. They will never sell these.” Then I thought about my frames at home and the most amazing idea came to me. These outdated and hideous frames have perfect glass in them. For 49 cents to 99 cents I can buy these frames and finally give life back to my glass-less frames at home! All they need is a little cleaning and put right into your old frame. Then you can throw away that ugly frame that came with the glass.

Now I have complete picture frames stacked and ready to hang. So next time one of your pictures “just happen to fall” off the wall and the glass breaks, save it. Make a trip to your local Goodwill or thrift store and buy a cheap frame with glass to replace it. Always make sure you inspect the glass in the frame you are buying first! Even take it out of the frame if you have to! I have come across a few with cracked glass in corners.

Easy and cheap solution!

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Shadow box savings

I found a shadow box frame at the thrift store for $3.50. It was in great shape, so I snatched it up. I saw this awesome idea on Pinterest…see a reoccurring theme here? I love Pinterest too!

What a cool idea, right? You take a shadow box and cut a hole where ever you would like the money to go through. We drilled one through the top of the box. It’s a little crooked as you can see in the picture, but it’s functional! Then we sat Hailee down and asked her what she would like to save her money for. Of course, she chose a Horse 3DS game, so we found a picture online and printed it off.

Hailee absolutely loves the new bank, because she can see what she is saving for and how much money she already has. She got so excited that she started putting money in before it was even finished! She put her change in that she found on the ground. Daddy gave her a $1 to help start her off. Then she sold one of her toys for $30, so she doesn’t have much more to go! Now she wants to do chores for money. I love the motivation!

As you can see the box is very plain and white. If you know me, you know I love color. So I browsed through my scrapbook collection and found a zebra print. Hailee has zebra print in her room, so I figured it would work perfectly. I laid the scrapbook paper front side down and put the mat on top. I folded the extra over and taped it. That way when Hailee’s room theme changes I can easily take off the scrapbook paper and find a new one that matches. Here is it!

After putting it all together and being ask 50 million times how much she had to save to buy her game, I took a dry erase marker and wrote the price of the item on the glass. That way when she buys the horse game, we can erase that price and write the next one!

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I love you because…

I found this idea on Pinterest and loved it! If you click on the picture, it will take you to her website where she has a bunch of other awesome ideas too! Don’t you just love those rosettes? So cute.

I already have quite a few frames and have quite a few scrapbooking supplies, so this was a free project for me! Love free!

I decided to make this for Hailee, our 6 year old, so I wanted it to have a child like look. Nothing too extreme though, because she’s “almost a woman” now according to her! Oh, how quickly they grow up!

I started with a black frame I had in storage. I love black frames! I know it seems like I love a lot of things, but black picture frames are definitely up there with vases! I picked out a scrapbook page that I thought she would like and stuck with black sticker letters to match the frame.

I take the glass out of the frame and trace it on the scrapbook paper. That’s really the hardest part! Then I put the sticker letters on the scrapbook paper. Ok, maybe getting those straight was the hardest part. If you don’t have sticker letters you can print the saying from a document off the computer or write it in your own handwriting. I have seen people put additional stickers around to decorate or use ribbon to hang the picture on the wall. This project really allows you to be creative and come up with your own masterpiece. This is what I came up with.

I hung it in our hallway right next to her door. That way it gave easier access to my husband and I when we wanted to jot something down on it. I also put it down on her eye level, so she can actually read it. Make sure you use a dry erase marker! They easily erase off the glass, so new messages can be written. 🙂

It’s always nice to be reminded why you are loved. Hopefully this project lets Hailee know that she is loved for more reasons than she thought!

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